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No matter what social, societal, or economic barriers exist we believe our community can rise together. Through our proven programs, we empower participants to discover their true potential.


The Aspire  before and after-school programs meet the youth we serve needs mentally, physically, and emotionally.


The goal of our program is to:

  • Develop thoughtful, fun, accessible, activities
  • Survey and build on students’ Interests
  • Motivate and engage all students to participate
  • Connect to grade –level benchmarks, standards, and the school-day curriculum to increase achievement
  • Provide real-world activities that connect to the broader community
  • Provide effective tutoring and differentiated instruction for all skill levels
  • Provide homework help
  • Plan activities that engage students and enhance skills across the curriculum
  • Provide staff training and professional development



Our after-school programs include a snack, full course hot meal based on the US Agricultural Departments nutritional standards, homework help and tutoring, mentoring, dance acting, music classes, and field trips. We connect our participants to other great programs and resources such as CLD, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and 21st Century Scholars.


We also encourage family participation in our programs. We invite parents in to volunteer, chaperon field trips, and we host family empowerment and game nights. During the family empowerment nights we have a guest speaker come and speak to families about an issue that helps to draw the family closer.


We also offer out of school time care for fall, winter, and spring breaks, professional development days, and certain holidays. We also offer an affordable eight week summer camp.



Fee– Based on Income- Sliding Scale Fee/ CCDF Accepted / Free Attendance Scholarships Available



Additional Programs Offered:


  • Schools of Hope Tutoring
  • Culture Club Curriculum
  • I-Learn and I-Read Prep
  • Financial Literacy
  • Acting, Dance, Piano, and Voice Lessons
  • Modeling Coaching(Girls)
  • Dance Workshops
  • Drug/Alcohol Prevention( Healthy Family Initiative)
  • Mentoring Program
  • Field Trips
  • Fun Friday’s
  • Daily Snacks and Dinner
  • And Much More


Program Information


  • Monday-Friday from 6am –School Start and Afterschool-6:00pm
  • Follow the schools schedule


Event Details

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  • Address5321 E. 42nd St Indianapolis, IN 46226